Foundation Members

Serving on the Board:

The directors are selected at the Annual Meeting of the Board by a majority, unless there are more than two people running, in which case the directors are selected by a plurality vote of the directors in office at the Annual Meeting. Nominees for director shall have a meaningful tie to St. Helena determined by the Board. Each director has one vote per seat to be filled. Cumulative voting shall not be permitted.

Each director serves for a term of three years, provided that they can continue to serve until their successor is elected. Directors may only serve a maximum of two consecutive full terms. One year must elapse before being eligible for re-election to the Board.

Current Board Members:

Lowell Smith, President

Rob Andreae, Past President

Robert Darter, MD, Secretary

Polly Keegan, Vice-President

Dave Brokemarkle, Treasurer

Don Fraser

Dan Whitehurst

Nancy Felling

Lee Meehan