Our LIBRARY BEHAVIOR AND INTERNET ACCESS policies for public Internet workstations apply to wireless users as well. Please become familiar with them.


The Library does not provide support or advice in getting your personal laptop enabled for wireless service. Please contact your service provider if you need help.


We are pleased to offer wireless Internet access to library users. However, be advised that wireless service is not considered a “mission critical” library service. Our limited technical support time will always be focused first on our online system and second on public Internet access through our library workstations. We cannot guarantee wireless service will always be available when the library is open. Please inform us if you believe the service is down. There is no support for wireless service on weekends. Wireless service is only available during Library hours.


The St. Helena Public Library does not filter our wireless router.


Our wireless Internet is a shared service. The current size of the “pipe” is 254K and is shared by all persons using wireless in the Library.


One user accessing streaming video or audio or playing bandwih2h intensive games will have an adverse effect on other users. We request wireless users restrain themselves from the use of video or audio streaming and from the playing of online games. Our Internet connection at the Library is meant for research and informational purposes. It is not meant for entertainment or gaming.


Printer access when connected to our wireless network is not available.


Entering private or personal information on any public Internet workstation or wireless network is not recommeneded. This includes entering such things as logins and passwords for bank accounts, stock brokerage accounts, commercial vendor accounts and the like. We do not, and cannot, guarantee the privacy of any such information entered on a public workstation or a wireless connection. Our Internet access is meant to be used for research purposes and not as means of conducting personal or corporate business.