The St. Helena Historical Society is an independent 501(c) non-profit organization formed in 2002 that is not a part of St. Helena City government. The St. Helena Public Library, however, being strongly supportive of the Society’s mission, provides the Society with free office and storage space under a long-term agreement signed in January, 2006.


The Society maintains no regular office hours. Researchers wishing to access the collection should contact Collection Manager, Susanne Salvestrin, with all questions regarding materials owned and availability. See:

The 2nd floor Historical Society Office is accessible by appointment only. Historical Society board members must wear name badges identifying themselves at all times and their guests must wear “GUEST” badges. St. Helena Historical Society board officers are asked to check in with St. Helena Public Library staff (at the front desk on weekends and in the staff work room on weekdays) before proceeding to the Society’s Office.


The Society collects, manages, organizes, preserves and provides access to it’s own materials. It is solely responsible for all access to its collections. Staff of the St. Helena Public Library are not authorized to retrieve any materials belonging to the Society. Contact the Society’s College Manager, Susanne Salvestrin, with all questions regarding materials
owned and availability. See:


The St. Helena Public Library has collected materials on St. Helena history for many decades and has a good collection of book materials. Generally, we do not, however, have archival materials; i.e. photographs, maps, documents, artifacts, etc. By agreement with the St. Helena Historical Society, we continue to collect book materials while the Society collects archival materials on St. Helena history. Access to public library materials is available during most hours the Library is open. Access on Sundays, however, may be restricted due to limited staffing.