Gallery Exhibits & Events






The gallery wall at the St. Helena Public Library is available for public use. It may be booked for a one month exhibition no more than once every two years by any amateur or professional artist.

The gallery wall is subject to availability. On a quarterly basis, application forms will be reviewed by the Art Selection Committee and exhibitors will be chosen. A Library Gallery Exhibit Application form is required for each artist who would like to be considered for a gallery exhibition. Please read through the information provided here on the library website and the application form thoroughly in order to insure that application forms are submitted properly. For more information, contact Megan Jones at or 707.963.5244, x 117.

All art displayed should be of acceptable viewing content for all ages. The Library retains the right to determine the suitability of any proposed exhibition.


All exhibitors must agree to hold the City, its Library and employees free and harmless from any loss, damage, or liability, cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by the proposed use of the requested facilities.


Materials used to hang art work are the responsibility of the artist(s). Display supplies are not provided by the library.

NO NAILS, SINGLE-SIDED OR DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE, FIXATIVES OR OTHER ADHESIVES MAY BE USED ON THE WALL. Staff must be consulted as to how to hang art work. Damage to the wall as a result of improper hanging is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Art works framed in glass (or otherwise heavily framed) must be safely hung; i.e. with wires sufficiently strong for what is being exhibited. Art work unsafely hung will be removed by staff.

All art work must be put up on the first day of the month and removed by the last day of the month of the exhibit.


Artists are encouraged to provide the Library with a sample of their work (8”x11” or less) which the library will include in its monthly newsletter during the time the artists’ works are on display. The Library will also post a biography and/or philosophical statement of the artist if one is provided. Please provide these materials one week or more before the exhibit begins to allow time for inclusion on the Web site.

Artists may display a prepared statement (8.5”x11” or less) about the artwork on the wall or shelving contiguous to the display. Cards with contact information may also be set out. It is preferred that pricing information be displayed discreetly and that sales be handled off the Library site. Library staff may not be involved in any sales activity.

INSTRUCTORS PLEASE NOTE: Gallery application submissions by instructors for a class will be treated as a normal artist application and go through the same jury selection process. The instructor is responsible for booking, coordinating, hanging, removing and returning artwork to students. Artwork CANNOT be stored at the library pre or post show. The library is not responsible for any artwork that is left behind.

If you have further questions regarding the use of the Library Gallery Wall, please contact Megan Jones, Marketing Assistant by email at or by phone at (707) 963-5244 x.117.